Free Affiliate Post Generator Tool

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Please Read "How to Use this Tool" before using this tool
How to use Free Affiliate Post Generator Tool:

Please Read the Instructions Carefully:

  1. Write Product Title in the 1st Section.
  2. Write Company Name in the 2nd Section.
  3. Paste Affiliate Link in 3rd Section
    • It can be Amazon, Flipkart, Ali Express Link
    • Links Provided by Hosting Provider
    • Any Other Links
  4. Enter Price/Discount in 4th section
    • If you want to write a percentage discount.
      • Eg: 60%, 20%
      • Type "Number then %" without space
    • If you want to write a Price Off/Flat Price.
      • Eg: Rs.300 , Rs.999
      • Type "Rs.Number" without space
  5. Select Offer Type.
    • Select "Off" if price is discounted.
      • Eg: 40% Off, Rs.300 Off etc.
    • Select "Only" for flat price.
      • Eg: Rs.999 Only.
  6. Enter Coupon Code if Available. (Leave Blank if Coupon Code is not required)
  7. Write a Short Description about the Product.
  8. Hit the "Generate My Post" Button

Now You'll See 3 box full of some text, let's take a look at all boxes.

  1. Paste Description in Between <br /> and  </div>.
    • See the picture below for reference.
    • You have to add description only 1 time in same page.
    • Try to write about the offer, details of product, why should customer buy it etc.
  2. You can add Image just after the description ends.
    • I can't add option in tool to add image, as It will take my storage to host the image.
  3. Now hit Enter then Paste the CSS Code just after the description or Image.
    • See the picture below for reference.
    • Upload CSS only 1 time in same page.
    • Don't make any change in CSS if you don't have knowledge about it.
  4. Now hit Enter then Paste the Post Code just after CSS Code.
    • If you wish to add more than 1 offer, Generate another offer with same process and don't code CSS or Description this time,Just paste the seconds post code, at the ending of last post
  5. If you still have any doubt or Suggestion, Feel free to contact me on telegram